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Our Story

It all began in February 1974 when my mother, MaryAnn Rosen, a dedicated volunteer as an entertainer at local nursing homes, found that the residents greatly missed shopping for their own clothing. She had a vision – why not bring a department store directly to them?


Starting out at my father’s clothing store, “Rosen’s” (which was in business for over 75 years)  “The Department Store on Wheels” was born.    With Shoppers Service growing over the years, my father joined the business.  Both he and my mother took great pride in being able to offer  fashionable merchandise to over 300 nursing homes throughout  New York State.   My mother also continued to volunteer as a vocalist, together with her backup band.  The residents not only looked forward to the “Store Visit” shopping day, but also for those special occasions when MaryAnn would visit their facility and provide entertainment for them.   Sadly we lost MaryAnn in 2011 and my father Robert, in 2014 but I know that they would both be proud of the fact that MaryAnn’s initial vision carries on.  



We are now entering our 46th year in business.


With a wide selection of items for both men and women, Shoppers Service offers it all, convenience, hard to find items (such as adaptive wear), garment labeling, alterations and one-on-one customer service.   Families don’t often have the time to spend shopping for their loved ones in nursing homes and our visits not only make it much easier for them, but it’s also a wonderful social event for everyone who attends.


I have worked in the retail clothing field since I was a teenager, first as a clerk, then as a women’s and men’s clothing buyer for Rosen’s.  In 1981, I began working for Shoppers Service. I went from office clerk to President of this prospering business.


As President of Shoppers Service, along with a dedicated staff, I am devoted to providing our customers with a personal shopping experience. Whether it be in person, online or through our mail order catalog services, you will find quality, fashionable clothing and footwear for both men and women at affordable prices.  With my years of experience in fashion merchandising, I continue to add an extra dimension to the business.


In 2005, our company expanded to add a new service. We received our Certificate of Accreditation from The Accreditation Commission for Health Care, as a supplier of therapeutic footwear and custom orthotics for diabetics.   We also offer therapeutic footwear and orthotics for non-diabetics who may be experiencing foot pain.  


In 2014 we added yet another service to our company, offering customized compression wear garments.

From 1974 to present, from clothing to footwear to compression garments, our company continues to grow to meet our customer’s many needs.


Thank you for your patronage,

Lynn Rosen, President

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